Past. Present. Bright Future.

Getting here, getting to this point. WOW what a beautiful journey. Since this is my first foray back into writing blogs for the IMG_6829.jpglast several years, I figured I owe it to you to explain a little about who I am, where I have been and where I am going.

Who I Am

I am a young professional in the horse industry in Colorado. I own two horses, have
several client horses and teach lessons at the best lesson program in Boulder County. Every single day I wake up and pull on my uniform for the day, breeches and a collared shirt. I feel so incredibly blessed at the job I ended up with. I ride numerous horses a day and teach as many lessons as I can. I ride horses from an Icelandic Horse who is about 13.2 hand high, my own thoroughbreds and finish the day on a 17.3 h warmblood.

As far a riding, my passion is eventing, which means I have a working proficiency at dressage and jumpers with my bread and butter being cross country. My current horse is currently set to being campaigning at Beginner Novice and looking to move up quickly. My previous horse and I competed Novice and were looking to move up to Training before he got hurt. I am also lucky enough to also compete in some Hunter/Jumper shows and have enjoyed expanding my repertoire and knowledge base.

I have a starbucks addiction, I live with it everyday. I also have three incredible dogs and some chickens.

The Journey

I was extremely lucky growing up to be gifted riding lessons by my parents. I was never in a position to own horses and leased sporadically for a couple of summers. Although when I was younger I viewed this situation as a dramatic disadvantage, in my current life it has served me well. I mucked stalls and walked horses for the privilege of riding whatever had four legs and moved. If it nickered, I rode it. This gave me the opportunity to ride many many different horses, types, shapes and sizes. I rode fiery little arabs through endurance rides, Saddlebreds in hunter jumper shows, cow horses, ranch horses, trail horses, sound horses, sane horses, and everything in between. I also regularly did work for my rides as my parents could only give me so many lessons a month. I believe this instilled one of my best qualities, my work ethic. I work and work hard for everything I do.

Fast forward a few years and I enrolled at Colorado State University in the Equine

The college riding years

Science program, ensuring my parents that I would be continuing on to apply for Vet school. As soon as I stepped foot on campus I dropped the PreVet designation and threw myself into the Equine Science Program. I began teaching lessons at a local stable and again, riding anything I could get my hands on, never actually having owned a horse yet. It was at this point I began to discover my love of Off the Track Thoroughbreds and solidified my interest in Eventing.

About halfway through college I began retraining ottbs and it was financially viable for me, never producing them past the beginning stages of jumping and then helping them find their way in the world.

During college I thrived, horses, friends and school were an easy balance, I obtained my BS in Equine Science, my BA in Business and another BS in Psychology. I was quickly fascinated by the connection between human health and animals, thinking one day I might do Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy. I love kids, helping people and horses. It was an easy decision.

After college I packed up my horse at the time, my cat and moved to Arizona and became the Assistant director of a horse program at a boarding school. Although this did not pan out the way I hoped, it was a fantastic learning experience and I spent time with my incredible mentor, Kay Davis. Upon my return to CO I had a new ottb in tow, an Australian shepherd and no idea of what I was going to do, so I enrolled in a counseling program.

Then I tried having a desk job. I hated it. I hated having a set schedule. I hated being inside. I hated my coworkers, clients and the organization. I mean, I had a desk phone. 6 months in I quit and quickly had two options of employment, a riding, teaching horse position- with all the risk and so much reward, or a similar psychology based position. I picked horses and never looked back. See above, I never thought I could do this, but here I am.


I have always dreamed of going to Rolex, dreamed of owning my own rig and truck, FB_IMG_1475974805226dreamed of competing with my own thoroughbred. Now that I am closer to those goals, I am ready to work. I am ready to try. I am ready to see how far I can go. My first goal is to get to Training level on my horse I have produced, to bigger venues such as Rebecca Farm and Galway Downs.

My biggest encourager has been my students, the little girls who have been watching me, observing me and working their hardest to make the best of their hour with me, and watch my every move. I was them, I never had my own horse so I spent hours watching lessons and jumping at the opportunity to help or even just walk the old horses bareback. I see the kids, and I see them watch me, all the while I am watching my mentors and heroes. I owe this journey to little girl Becca to see what is actually inside of me. What can I do?

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