Super Sam.

One girl, one super horse.

Sam aka Scriptonite is my current competition horse. He and I came together after quiteIMG_6694 a few trials and tribulations with my previous horses.

Stats: 6 years old. Bay, no markings. 16 hands. 9 races. Bred in CA. Great breeding.

Sam and I found each other through my wonderful thoroughbred contact here in Colorado. I am so lucky to have such reputable friends and colleagues to get horses from. Sam was not their horse they raised or raced, but they obtained him from a deal they had. Luckily they treat the horses incredibly well and Sam was able to have almost a year of letdown time in their pasture until they decided it was time for him to move on.

I originally looked at Sam as a resell project, I had just lost my last competition horse to arthritis in her neck (she was not going to ever be able to compete or tolerate dressage work) and I wanted to get a horse who would help me fund raise to get another horse currently competing. The first day I rode Sammy we rode him in the pasture with tons of spooky stuff, his friends galloping next door, and he didnt care, in fact he was a push ride and honestly, somewhat boring. I brought him home the next weekend, thinking he would be a wonderful, easy flip. I brought him home, put him in his pen and brought him out to ride later in the afternoon, he still didnt care about anything. He’s awesome.

The more I rode Sam, the more the started showing his natural balance, especially at the canter and his spectacular trot. He has natural suspension and loft that honestly makes his trot difficult and taxing to ride. The more he got into shape, the more his trot started to shine, the more people noticed him and the more I fell in love. I tried to keep quiet about my excitement about him, trying to hold true to reselling him, but finally had to give in. He is too cool.

I think I held off from officially keeping Sam for about a month, and then finally I gave up. I am keeping Sammy, well, for the competition season anyway 🙂

After making the decision to keep Sam, I started setting goals, I am very big into goals. I enrolled him in the Maya Black clinic here in Colorado, figuring that would tell me a lot about his personality, ability and heart. I put him into the intro group thinking it might be a push for him to jump 2’3 courses by that time. February and January mostly brought light jumping, a few gymnastic sessions, but never really challenging him, just letting him get a foundation. I jumped him up one day to 2’6 and he ate it up.

Sam meets Cross Country
Sammy went cross country, and off property for the first time in February. He was 17103592_10158305463725223_6286551378863031530_nperfect for loading and the trip, got off the trailer and ate his hay, altogether boring. We took Sammy to the jumps and he treated them like a minor inconvenience in his relaxing trail ride.  It was comical how laid back he was. That day we did almost all of the intro course, including ditches, banks and he gained confidence the whole time, finally finishing with a series of fences he jumped bravely sight unseen. Cross Country was clearly no big deal in Sams world.
I look him again about two weeks ago, this time with a few BN fences, and a desire to push him a little. He handed it the same way he does anything, lazily and easily. BN was clearly no reason to get excited.

Maya Black Clinic.
After taking Sammy xc and having success and barily containing my excitement, I contacted the clinic organizer and asked to move up to BN. Now, I will write a whole post about the Maya Black clinic, but I will give you the headline here. SAMMY killed it the entire weekend, impressing everyone with his willingness and ability as well as his gaits. He tried everything we pointed him at, and although he fatigued quickly (hello conditioning) he did it. And was amazing.

So, there you have it, Sammy is pointed towards the 2017 Area IX show season. I cannot wait for him to get out on an official course and see what he can do. I think his dressage will be easy and lovely, stadium no big deal and as long as he has he has his confidence pants on.

Sammys first few jumps were exactly like jumping a Moose. He improved quickly though.

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