Advanced Trailer Services



Asking your horse to climb into a trailer, then pulling that trailer on the interstate at 75mph (really about 65, I drive like a grandma) is an inherently dangerous task. Fortunately in the horse business we are a community who help each other. Nobody does anything in this business alone.

I am very fortunate to have the ongoing support of a very important, but often hidden, service in this community, Advanced Trailer Services. ATS is the only trailer service I will allow to touch my vehicles. He will do regular maintenance work on your bearings, brakes etc, he will do welding and body work, whatever needs to be done, Will is there. Will, the owner, is polite and efficient and I can attest to his low pricing. He does it for much less that the big companies and he does it right on your doorstep.

Tonight I was happy to come home to a box of Advanced Trailer Services gear which I am proud to wear. I often get asked about his company and I can say no bad. Aren’t  the hats cool!? 17796494_10158479393070223_3291385030989992671_n

If you need trailer work, or just want to get a safety check to protect your beloved partner, visit the Advanced Trailer Services website or his Facebook. Tell him Becca sent you!!!


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