Evening Giggles

Last night I spent the most wonderful few hours with my barn owner, a coworker and a coworker in training as well as some of the barn girls. It was so fun to just chat and talk about goings on around the barn with no agenda. I find myself running and running so quickly that just kicking back and solving a few problems as well as just chatting was  abreath of fresh air.

I love being a role model for the girls, they look to me for advice, a shoulder and a coach. We spend so much time drilling and grinding that i LOVE taking the time to giggle with them. Much of what my job is as an instructor is to teach them lifeskills that they will take forward into their life beyond the barn, and much of my time I spend showing them how to be a worker, but also I want to teach them how to be a friend. I love this part of my job.

My other friend who was chatting with us has a “real job” of data entry on the computer, and although she gets paid significantly more than I do, and yes that is appealing at times, I am so lucky to care for horses and giggle with teenagers as my job. Again, not changing that for anything. Sometimes I get frustrated by clients, bosses, coworkers, but at the end of the day, I generally go home smiling. I never thought I would be able to do this, so the fact that I can! wow.

Just some thoughts from a wonderful day yesterday. I am a lucky girl.

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