Schooling Show #1

We had an incredibly successful show yesterday with my two green bean

Two bay butts. ❤

thoroughbreds! I am so proud of them and the very professional way they handled themselves. I took both Sam and Ranger to the schooling show series at Triple Creek Ranch. They both trailered well, despite never having loaded in the trailer I borrowed for the day.

Upon arrival, I unloaded both of them to the pen we had for the day and they settled in like they had done it for years, looking at the other trailers curiously, but eating immediately.


Ranger’s tests were the Intro A and B. We walked in the arena before we schooled, and although the flowers were a little scary he handled it perfectly. Then we schooled in the unfamiliar outdoor arena, and he was lovely! Focused and relaxed. He was interested in the other horses, but did his job very very well. Going into the arenas he was tentative, but willing, and was decently short strided (judges only negative comment). Both of his tests were quiet and correct, with correct bend and connection. The judge made comments like “excellent young prospect” and “his connection is better than some ottbs ever get!” I was so proud of him. What an excellent little guy, for 4 years old, I could not argue.


After Ranger finished I had a half an hour before Sammy’s first test, so we trotted back to the trailer and I hurriedly switched horses. Trotting my brave 6 year old to the warm up arena, he looked around, but never reacted. Sammy takes quite a bit of time to warm up, so knowing this, I did my best to get him soft, but he was pulling on me quite hard. He has only been off property for cross country schooling so I think he thought thats what he was there to do. We went into the arena rather blind, as I didnt have time to review my test, I employed a young lady to read for me.

Sammy’s first test left a lot to be desired. I was trying to hear my caller, and Sammy was a little confused, together we only had one excellent movement, our trot across the diagonal. We left the arena with the judge noting that connection and asking us to come back with that same feel.

Back to the warm up we went, and he finally softened and understood the game, we found our connection from the trot, but no time to canter. Trotted back to our next test.

This test was probably 50% better, excellent in our trot, but not great in the canter. We got a full 5% points higher. Excellent comments, she said if we rode our events in that connection we would lead after dressage in our events. Awesome job Sam!
Overall, I know how much time he needs to warm up, and this was a good affirmation for that. He was incredible and kept a cool head throughout our hurried few moments.


I am so proud of my horses and cannot wait to take Sam to Abbe Clinic next week, and then on to Spring Gulch! Hopefully Ranger will find a new home with his new skills, maybe even a dressage home!! What a good “young prospect.”

Thanks again to my awesome sponsors! Colorado Tack and supply outfitted nearly everything we wore, Advanced Trailer Services kept us safe and on the road!



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