Winter Wrap Up 2018

Winter 2018 was one for the books.

I have not written since last year about this time. Life and the show season going going and wow, it never stopped! Then the show season petered out, clinic season began and then suddenly here we are, staring at 2018.


Sammy Hurt.
Sammy Better.
Jennie Brannigan clinic.
Purchased Folly.
Christmas. New Years.
Florida horse shopping.
Sammy Hurt.
Sammy Better.
Daniel Stewart Clinic.
Cold & Wind.
Sammy Hurt.

That’s about it! There seems to be a cycle. Sammy got hurt by cutting himself on his lower limbs before each of our big clinics. We gained HUGE education both in and out of the saddle with clinics and my first trip to OCALA Florida.

Colorado was cold, and windy. Next year I’m going to Florida. Only kind of kidding.

Daniel Stewart made us think fast, Buck Davidson made us adjustable and Joe made us canter. Like a lot. All of these clinicians had positive things to say about Sam and made me very excited for this upcoming show season and the potential of going Training with him.

Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event #LRK3DE April 28
March 6- TCR Schooling Show
March 12-13 Abbe Ranch Clinic
March 19-20 Spring Gulch Horse Trials

Sorry for the brevity, its late and I have more emails to send…..

Sammy Chevron
Sammy at BJD Clinic March 2018

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