Grid of The Day 9.20.2018

Grid of the Day 9.20.2018

Today’s grid was fairly simple. I haven’t built a lot of grids lately so I GOTD 9.20.2018.jpgneeded to revisit my horses getting a little sharper off the ground and reminding them to think for themselves. My students all benefited from this simple grid and enjoyed working through the lines.

Here you will see 5 year old Folly working though the grid. Folly has only done a few grids, so I took my time in building it up, doing it first as poles, then setting the second cross rail, the third element and finally the oxer as a crossrail. Once Folly was comfortable jumping through the grid we put the oxer up to a slightly ramped 2’6″. Folly struggles with extending his stride and you can see from the video that he was having to really reach to make the 21 foot one stride. I placed a placement pole to help him understand where to place his feet, however he still had to reach.

In order to not overface Folly, I left the first element down, as a placement pole and did not increase the oxer too much, as learning to extend his stride was more important.

Video below



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