Celebrating Eventing Podcasts

This morning I was reminded that today is “International Podcast Day” one of those little holidays to get you excited about the little things in life. HOWEVER, I fully support international podcast day, because I absolutely love my podcasts.

I live 36 minutes (usually about 45) away from my training barn, so I have a lot of drive time. A lot. I used to listen to music, but I just don’t like the radio, I used to listen to books but it has to be just the right mix of speaker and book for me to really love listening, and then I found podcasts, and even better, equestrian podcasts, and even better, eventing podcasts!

The Eventing Radio ShowEventingheader2017

I love listening to the Eventing Radio Show, not just because one of my favorite friend, riders and trainers hosts it, Joe Meyer, but because I learn tons every time I listen. They often have several guests on every show, from vets where I recently learned about being a vet at the WEG, riders who recently won both big and small titles, such as the Young Riders champ from Rebecca Farms, or big time eventing sponsors. I have never met John Dunn, but I have completely become a fan of his from listening to Eventing Radio Show.

For a rider in Area IX it is hard to keep current on the goings on around the country in my sport, and one of the awesome ways has become listening to Joe, Max, Liz and Paul. They make me feel like I am a friend chatting about this business and learning every time I listening. I look forward to each new show and thoroughly enjoy the Eventing Radio Show.

Recently they did a special on every single day of the WEG and that was just a treat. Again, I wasn’t able to attend, but what a fun way to still get info and feel involved, Just love this show.


Major League Eventing


My newest addiction is the Major League Eventing podcasts. Their tagline is a podcast “for eventing fans, by eventing fans.” I just love that. They have one guest on each episode and they ask them, everything. EVERYTHING. I just love hearing each persons journey, from Buck Davidson, to John Nunn, to Chris Talley, they have big and small riders and sponsors on their show and they have the most wonderful conversations.

Karen and Rob have enough knowledge and respect for the sport that they ask the most interesting questions, have the enthusiasm for each guest that I feel like I would when I would be talking to them. Recently they came out with hands down my favorite episode with Buck Davidson and they got him talking about the most real aspects of eventing I have ever heard. The podcast inspired me, made me laugh and literally brought me into the home of a trainer whom I was lucky enough to ride with last year. Wonderful podcast and I look forward to every new episode. Keep it up Rob and Karen!!

Link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/168580

Daniel Stewart’s Pressure Proof Academy


Not really a podcast, but a series of videos that I just adore, and I get tons of teaching tips and tricks form every single week! I love listening to Daniel give me small pointers about tough teaching moments, ways to talk about vulnerability and mistakeablity and so much else that has not only changed me as a rider but me as a coach. My favorite episode of this one was the “Live Life like a Lobster” it is completely my favorite way to present vulnerability to my students and they love the metaphor.

The videos are like a subscription service, but so so worth it!





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